Friday, October 22, 2010

Sequential Illustration Staging

No smoke for you!

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  1. Great photo ref in the poses, Michelle.

    For the gag to read better (more clearly and faster), the sign should be to the left of the smoker, conveniently cropped off in panels 1 and 2. By having the smoker switch sides (in the composition) in the punchline, we get a little confused, which muddies the impact of the gag. In order to compress time in this joke (since we only have 3 panels to work with), you can show in panel 1 the legs of the busy-body atop the stairs and just starting to walk down. In panel 2 of your strip, use the photo ref of your 3rd photo.

    You've done a good job at framing the background (fitting the stairway in the panel to make the set-up and build-up read). However, the characters are a bit small in the composition. Since the story is about them, nudge the camera closer just a bit. That way, iin your 2nd panel (of your strip), when the busy-body is finger-pointing, you can bring her closer to the smoker and we can better read the details of the body language and possible some minimalistic facial expressions.

    Otherwise, this is looking good, and you've got some great poses to help you with the drawing of your characters. Hooray!